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Small loan without remark for pensioners


Anyone who plays with the idea today of wanting to treat themselves or to realize a long-standing dream will usually consider the possibility of an installment loan. Often you will not get around it, because compared to the salaries, the prices rise continuously. And here then the required financial capital is missing.

Loan without remark for pensioners

Payday loan without remark for pensioners

Older people in particular often wish to put some dreams into action once they have reached retirement age. However, the age of the retirees carries a high risk for the banks, so that they are often afraid to give a loan without remark for retirees.

But even pensioners have the opportunity to make a loan application without remark. This requires a regular income, which is paid by the pension. Thus, the most important criteria for lending is met. Other collateral such as real estate or other assets increase the chances even more.

Market situation

Market situation

Some banks have identified retirees as a potential target group and here offer especially the loan without remark for pensioners. However, it must be said here that these banks are primarily foreign credit institutions. The loans usually have a not too long term and the interest rates are also maturity and collateral dependent. Thus, it is basically possible for pensioners to get a loan.



But as I said, some banks offer this option, others do not. If you have now been rejected by a bank, for whatever reason, then it makes sense to consider the loan without remark for retirees in the form of financing.

This alternative should definitely be taken into account before canceling other collateral such as life insurance etc. in favor of a loan. Also for seniors applies, collateral is important, but not at any price. A good alternative is the guarantor. The guarantor could thus reduce the risk of the bank, as this will take the place of the pensioner, if he can no longer pay his debts.

But also the so-called personal loan, in which the needed money is lent by a private person instead of a bank, allows the pensioner to take out a loan. It should be noted, however, that even these private lenders pay their troubles. As a rule, the interest rates are higher here than in the case of banks, as remark information is not provided. If you have the opportunity, you should prefer a personal loan within the circle of friends or within the family, as there is a better and better maintained relationship of trust.

Are You Self-employed and Need a Business Loan?

Need a Business Loan? 

Need a Business Loan? 

Do you run your own company that has a turnover of SEK 500,000 to SEK 10 million? Then you know how difficult it can be to get a company loan granted. If you meet the basic requirements, we at Landory can help you with corporate loans between SEK 20,000 and SEK 5 million at good terms through new partners.

In order for companies to grow, sometimes financing is required. The lending market for companies is largely adapted to large companies and to some extent to the medium-sized companies.

Despite the fact that 4 out of 5 new jobs in Sweden are created by small companies, these are discriminated when it comes to the possibility of getting company loans – while a capital injection can be absolutely crucial for the small limited company future. You may need to stock up, buy machines or equipment, market the company, recruit staff and more. But it can also be about wanting to replace already existing loans on the company with another more advantageous loan to reduce costs.

Applying for a business loan as a small business owner can be complicated and bureaucratic. It can take a long time to get an answer so as not to mention the time it can take before you actually have the money in the account.

Landory can now, through new partners, offer you as a small business enterprise corporate loan at good terms. You get answers quickly – often the same day. If you are granted the loan, the money will be paid out within 1-2 banking days.

This is required to get a corporate loan granted:

This is required to get a corporate loan granted:

  1. Have a turnover of at least SEK 500,000
  2. Been active for at least 6 months
  3. An approved credit rating according to UC and Safe Credit
  4. Approved credit report on the private individuals behind the company

Applying for a corporate loan through Landory costs nothing. If you accept a loan, our partners will charge a setup fee. How much it is depends, among other things, on which lender it will be.

In addition to the fee, you also pay an interest on the loan itself. How much it lands on also depends on which lender it gets. But at the lowest it can be 4%. You can borrow between SEK 20,000 and SEK 5 million.

A Safe and Fast Loan to Your Business.



Get a Loan Now


Get a Loan Now


Starting a small business or a business at all is not a simple matter. To start a business, especially if it is a manufacturing business or a retail business, requires a significant financial investment. A critique at

In most cases, the entrepreneurs are forced to take out a loan to open a small business in order to carry out all the activities necessary to start the activity in the business. Why is a loan required to open a small business ?

What is the difference between a loan for starting a business, and a loan for an existing business? Where can I get a loan for a business under the best conditions? Here are the answers.


Who Needs a Loan to Open a Small Business.


According to the definition used in the State of Israel, a small business employs between five and twenty employees. In addition, the turnover of the business will be up to twenty million shekels a year.

For the avoidance of doubt, if a business employs more than five employees, or if the scope of its activity is greater than that stated above, it will rise to the next category and will be considered a medium-sized business. As for taking a loan to open a small business, such a loan is usually required for a number of purposes.

Among other things, the loan is required for renovations in the structure in which the business is conducted and adapting to the needs. For example, a business that needs refrigerators or large freezers must build them, or adapt an existing structure to its needs.

In addition to the above, it is necessary to purchase inventories, whether raw materials or finished products. Since the business has no previous history of activity, many suppliers will ask for payment in cash, or alternatively guarantees against the supply of goods. A loan to open a small business is designed precisely for these purposes.


A Loan to Open a Small Business and an Existing Business


A Loan to Open a Small Business and an Existing Business


As stated, a new business has no previous history of activity and has no reputation in the market. But not only the suppliers of the business, but also the various financial institutions will hesitate to grant a loan to start a small business without prior examination and without guarantees.

Preparing a quality business plan may help in this matter. As for guarantees, there are several solutions that can be used. If you have an interest in taking a loan to start a small business , this is the right place for you. You should contact already now and the professionals of the quick loan will get back to you as soon as possible.

They will review your application and help you find the most suitable loan for you that will help you make your business dream a reality.