How do electronic payments solve the loan problem?


Today, you can pay a loan in Ukraine by any means. So, for example, this can be done at the bank’s cash desk, through the terminal and by mail. However, all these methods are associated with a certain investment of time.

And only electronic payments allow you to pay not just faster, but without even leaving your home. Electronic terminals, ATMs, Internet banking and, of course, virtual services come to your aid. Read how to use them, what commissions to count on, and what nuances to consider.

Credit payment through electronic terminals

Credit payment through electronic terminals

The fastest and most convenient way to repay a bank loan on a monthly basis is to pay a loan through the terminal. For example, through “Easy Soft”. This network cooperates with many banks and is widely distributed in Ukraine. Currently, payment terminals, which number about 600 self-service devices, are in 64 cities.

When paying a loan through the terminal, bank customers must perform the following actions:

  • Choose a loan payment;
  • Enter the contract number (14 digits);
  • Enter the account number (it also consists of 14 digits).

If the terminal does not support your bank, then you need to enter the coordinates of your credit institution, indicating its name, account number, MFI. In conclusion, you will need to pick up the check, which will confirm the payment. The size of the commission for the services of the terminal supporting your credit organization is – 1.5% of the payment amount. If the terminal is in partnership with your creditor bank, then the size of the commission may be 1.8% -2%.

Credit payment through ATMs of banks


Another option for paying a loan is ATM services. With their help, you can pay for a loan by credit card. The very payment of a loan through an ATM is carried out as follows:

  • A credit card is inserted into the ATM;
  • Enter your card secret code (pin code);
  • Select the appropriate menu item (for example, it may be “Credit Payment”;
  • Enter the contract number and account number.

If the ATM has the Cash-in function of accepting cash (suitable for paying a card loan or deposit), then from its menu you need to select the “Refill account” item and make paper notes in multiples of 10 hryvnias. Then you need to click on the “Run” and “Issue a check” keys.

Using an ATM, you can also pay by credit card by transferring money from card to card. To do this, you must:

  • Insert a card for payment;
  • Enter the pin code;
  • Select “Transfer funds” and specify the option “To the card”;
  • Enter the 16-digit card number;
  • Recheck the correct input and make the payment amount;
  • Pick up the check.

Attention! Without a commission, you can pay a loan only at the services of the creditor bank and its partners. When paying in third-party banks, a commission awaits you. Moreover, the ATM itself may not withdraw a commission, but the issuing bank will do so. The size of the commission of a third-party bank is 1-2% of the payment amount.

Paying a loan using online banking

Paying a loan using online banking

One of the most convenient ways to repay a bank loan is to pay a loan via the Internet (personal online banking account). At the same time, this can be done using any mobile device with Internet access, including mobile phones.

The main convenience is that Internet banking is available in almost all credit organizations. In addition, you do not even have to leave home to pay. It is enough to enter your personal account, go to the payment section, enter the credit card number, payment amount, loan agreement number and bank account number.